Studio POW’s new Live Entertainment division takes a fresh and dynamic look at developing and adapting diverse and exciting content for the stage both in the UK and abroad. Whether it be existing properties or new commissions, we are committed to telling interesting and unique stories that appeal to a wide cross-section of audience demographics.

We believe it is important not to practice a “one way fits all” mentality when it comes to individual productions, and to look at each project uniquely—whether it be a drama, comedy, musical or experiential event—and develop it in the best way to maximize artistic integrity and have commercial appeal to create investor value.

We are currently producing Rosie Day’s debut play Instructions for a Teenage Armageddon, which had an acclaimed initial developmental production that esteemed drama critic Jonathan Baz hailed as “the best piece of new writing I have seen in years, and probably the best debut script I have seen, ever.”

We are currently commissioning new work, optioning existing work, and are accepting theatrical submissions from agents. If you would like to discuss your client’s work with us, please contact our Executive Producer of Live Entertainment, Brian Zeilinger at