“It seems only fitting that we offer a home to this Epstein feature for production and post. We won an Oscar and BAFTA this year for our work on Bohemian Rhapsody and would love to repeat that success with you on this project.”

Twickenham Studios

“Vic Reeves doesn’t live in the same world as normal people. He goes through life making up stuff that amuses him. Brilliant!”

Dawn French

“I’m so delighted there’s a world where The Glove will get made – it’s a peach of a script”

Shane Allen: BBC Controller of Comedy

“Vic and Bob are the godfathers of British comedy”

Johnny Depp

“Ricky Gervais is this massive, massive figure in comedy and for me I think he’s five per cent as good as Vic [Reeves] and Bob [Mortimer]”

Noel Fielding

“I thought ‘Cordelia’ amazing… completely haunting. Antonia Campbell-Hughes’s performance is extraordinary…”

Stephen Fry