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The Glove

The Glove is a comedy road movie about two best friends in search of a mythical training glove.

Vic and Bob are childhood friends who own a junk shop together where they both work and live. Profits are down and with their futures in jeopardy, they approach their obnoxious landlord to explain their ‘rent’ problems. Rather than helping them, the unsavoury character gives them a choice: eviction, or locate for him a rare and unusual item…

What follows is a madcap road movie across Britain as they enter the world of strange collectables and celebrity memorabilia in search of the elusive glove.

Written by Jim Moir & Bob Mortimer

Producer Kevin Proctor

Co-Producer Leopold Hughes

Executive Producer Perry Trevers

Starring Vic Reeves & Bob Mortimer

The Glove is on!

We had a fantastic meeting in our Soho offices with the legends that are Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house but we weren’t crying. Time was spent reading aspects of the script and discussing cast. What should have taken two hours took four due to the ongoing laughter breaks! We are hugely excited at the potential of this laugh out loud comedy. We already know that it will be packed full of legendary comics and actors.