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The French Job

An ‘Ocean’s Eleven/ Italian Job’ style caper about a European gang of thieves who use the Tour de France as a cover to steal $5 billion of gold, secretly being sent by train to Frankfurt as part of Britain’s EU divorce settlement.

The audacious plan is masterminded by the infamous French criminal Henri Ange, a fugitive wanted across Europe hiding behind a respectable job as chauffeur to the EU commissioner Jean Claude Juncker. Bringing in ex-jailbird Charlie Palmer, Charlie recruits the gang of misfits including Max, a no-nonsense German trucker, Hans, stoner Dutch forger, Paulo an explosives expert on the run from the mafia and Jack, a disgraced former train driver.

They hole up in a ruined chateau in France owned by Audrey, formerly married to the local mayor who left her penniless, until the time is right to spring the biggest European heist of all time.

However, a small band of EU commissioners have their own plans for the bullion, as well as MI6, who are also on their tail…

Written by Peter Richardson 

Director Peter Richardson 

Producer Kevin Proctor 

Executive Producer Perry Trevers

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